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How It Works

Welcome to insmallpackages, an all-fandom gift exchange!
Celebrate the season, spread some cheer, get something great.

We're so happy to announce insmallpackages is running another all-fandom gift exchange this year!

The concept for this community is simple.
- Make a wish, then grant someone else's wish.
- Wishes are to be small, yet meaningful.
- Granting wishes will cost nothing but a bit of happy effort & time.

Participation in this exchange is easy.
- Comment to the Wish Post with your wishes.
- Later we'll create a "Grant Post." Choose wishes from the list to fulfill for someone else.
- Post to & find all gifts at the Get Post (going live Dec 6, deadline Jan 6).

There'll also be more detailed instructions in the Wish post, but here are a few quick notes:
- People can ask for up to five wishes.
- People can claim as many wishes as they will be able to grant.
- We'll do our very best to make sure all participants have at least one wish granted.

PLEASE NOTE: If you make a request, you are agreeing to fulfill a wish for someone else too, so please keep that in mind.

Thank you!

Take a banner and spread the word!



This exchange is my favourite exchange.

So happy to see this exchange back for another year!



This saved last year's crappy Christmas from becoming a total failure, it's so great to see that you're bringing it back! :D Thank you! ♥



Oh can't wait, this makes me so happy.

I'm so excited! This was a highlight from last year!


Sounds interesting. Sign me up!

Ok, I'm in. Sounds like fun!

This is my frist time playing and I cant wait!

Pimping like crazy. :-)

I have a question. Can you still sign up after Dec 1st? I would like to participate but I'm part of a very small fandom and I am afraid maybe there won't be any wishes I can grant, which is why I would like to see what people are asking for before I sign up, so that I know there's a wish I can fulfill myself (or if not, so that I know that I can't sign up myself).

You don't have to sign up at all. You can grant wishes even if you haven't made any yourself. But the wish post will close on Dec 1, and you can't make any wishes after that.

But there are usually a large number of non-fandom related wishes made, if you're worried you won't find options.

Yeah, I knew that, I was asking about "signing up" for making a wish ;) (maybe "sign up" wasn't the best word choice) Thanks for the clarification, I'll think about whether I'm brave enough to make a wish and hope someone else makes one that I'm good at filling, or not.

Excellent! I'm so excited to see this back again.

I'm in!


So, um... I still don't see anything here on the Wish Post, but I see other things happening via Wish Lists. Am I in the wrong place? I've definitely done this one before, but has it merged with something else now and I'm out of the loop?

Edited at 2012-11-28 10:50 pm (UTC)

The Wish post is screened, so that all wishes will remain anonymous. The Grant post, when all the wishes will become available, should go up Dec 1.

I cannot remember, can more than one person grant a wish?

Absolutely! This is also noted in the Grant Post details. :)

Ahaha, you can tell I'm trying to read this while working.

:D No problem! We understand.

Last year was my back surgery and I wasn't online for this, sadly. I will be very happy to participate. My birthday falls on 12/14, so I get kinda cheated out of presents.

This is gonna be great!



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