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Grant Post

Celebrate the season, spread some cheer, get something great.

This is the Grant Post [aka where you claim wishes to grant!]

Time to grant some wishes!
- Wanting to celebrate & cultivate the festive feeling of The More The Merrier, we've decided to allow multiple claims for the same Wish to Grant.
- Our goal is to meet as many wishes as possible, so please be selective as well as inspired as you visit, then revisit, this post.
- Reply to a comment with "Me!" or "I can do this!" or whatever strikes you. Grant as many wishes as you know you'll be able to fulfill, and again, more than one person can Grant a Wish, so don't feel disappointed or put off if someone else has already "claimed" a Wish.
- Remember the NUMBER of the Wish you claim -- it'll be needed for the Get Post.
- It will take some time to go through all the pages of comments, but we ask that you please do your best to take that time.
- This Grant [Claim] Post will be open until Jan 5th, one day before the Jan 6th deadline. Feel free to return and make more claims during that period. Thank you!

- Please do not comment/reply with a fulfilled wish to this post.
- Comment to the Get Post with any/all pertinent details for the wishes you've granted.
- Wishes can be granted anonymously, if desired.

If you submitted a list, you have agreed to fulfill at least one wish for someone else here. There is no limit to the amount of wishes you can grant, but please only claim as many as you are positive you can fulfill. Anyone can grant a wish, even people who haven't made a wish.

Don't see your wish or have a question? Ask in the welcome post or shoot us an email.
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