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Final Days
gift blue
packagesmod wrote in insmallpackages

Celebrate the season, spread some cheer, get something great.

Hello Everyone! Things are looking great and wishes are being granted, and it's awesome!

insmallpackages "formal" end is tomorrow, but there is ZERO penalty for posting granted wishes after that day. Quite the opposite! We're always glad for one or two or several more wishes to be granted. So don't worry about it if you're "late." Keep working, keep posting, keep granting wishes.

-- There are yet wishes to claim! Find them at The Grant Post.

-- There are many wishes that have been fulfilled at the Get Post. Please don't forget to check there for YOUR wishes, and of utmost importance, thank the wish-granter. The Get Post is where you post wishes and thank those who have granted them.

Thank you to everyone participating!