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How It Works

Welcome to insmallpackages, an all-fandom gift exchange!
Celebrate the season, spread some cheer, get something great.

The concept for this community is simple.
- Make a wish, then grant someone else's wish.
- Wishes are to be small, yet meaningful.
- Granting wishes will cost nothing but a bit of happy effort & time.

Participation in this exchange is easy.
- Comment to the Wish Post with your wishes.
- Later we'll create a "Grant Post." Choose wishes from the list to fulfill for someone else.
- Post to & find all gifts at the Get Post (going live Dec 6, deadline Jan 6).

There'll also be more detailed instructions in the Wish post, but here are a few quick notes:
- People can ask for up to five wishes.
- People can claim as many wishes as they will be able to grant.
- We'll do our very best to make sure all participants have at least one wish granted.

PLEASE NOTE: If you make a request, you are agreeing to fulfill a wish for someone else too, so please keep that in mind.

Thank you!

Take a banner and spread the word!

Can you post here if you're not actually on LJ? :)

Sure! :]

Is it possible to see/ask what kind of things people wish for? I'd love to grant wishes, but I don't want to ask for anything if I'm too lame to follow through on the granting. Maybe examples from last year?

Thanks! This is very helpful.

It tells me that my comments on the Grant and Get posts are being screened, but comments posted far after mine are showing up--is there a particular reason?

I bet we haven't set it to automatically unscreen anonymous comments. We'll do that now. Sorry for the inconvenience!

No worries. Thank you! :)

The connections and resources page on the 2011 entries link back to the 2010 entries, which in turn link to the list of 2010 wishes. Confused me for a second there; idk if you all want to make new posts or update your links or something :)

That was on purpose! But we'll update the post so everyone knows it's "good" for this year, too. ;)

If we are doing a picspam for someone, is there a certain way we should do it? I don't want to create a massive wall of pictures in the Get Post because that can be a hassle for some people's computers. tyia!

The way most people did this last year was to host the picspam at their own LJ, then provided a link to that entry on the Get Post.

If you have a photobucket or flickr account, you can always link to the thumbnails instead of the full-size image. :)


If someone asks for a wallpaper, should we just make "common" sizes, or is there a way to find out what size the person needs?

You can post to and ask in the connections post, but it's likely to be simpler for you to just create a few in common sizes. :)

I'm trying to post to the get post but I can't seem to add subject titles with the new comment form. What should I dooooooo?

Righty-o. We just posted a new "how-to" problem solve for this.

Thanks! :)

(Deleted comment)
Found and unscreened this. Thanks for the alert! :)

Hey, I've posted 3 wishes but they are all still screened. It's on this page:

Now unscreened! We've been trying to stay on top of these, but appreciate letting us know. :)


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