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packagesmod packagesmod wrote in insmallpackages
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Wish Post

Celebrate the season, spread some cheer, get something great.


Time to make your wish!
- Comment to this post with your wish[es] using the c/p form provided.
- Everyone who participates can ask for up to five discrete wishes.
- Comments are screened.

This post is only for wishes. There is no need to sign up anywhere separately to participate or to give any personal information other than your LJ username.

Wishes are to be small and simple, yet meaningful.
- 5-10 icons of snowy trees and/or snowy birds
- Ficlet, J2, schmoop, drinking hot cocoa
- Drawble of Loki/Thor tangled in their capes
- Banner/header of sunrise over the ocean
- Playlist, around 5 songs, all of them about summer
- Picspam of hot guys&gals with cute animals

Wishes are not limited to what we've listed here, they're just to give examples and get you started. Be as specific in your wish descriptions as you choose & think is necessary. Also, please be sure to include any fandom, character and pairing details that apply. There's no need to make separate comments if you ask for more than one wish.

As the Grant Post is going to be kept wisher-anonymous, asking for things like feedback on fic, personalized icons/art, snailmail, etc, are precluded.

Wish form

If you make a wish request, you are agreeing to fulfill a wish for someone else too, so please keep that in mind. We'll open the Grant Post for claiming on Dec 1. At that time, people can claim as many wishes as they will be able to grant. Anyone can grant a wish, even people who haven't made a wish.

Ask in the how it works post or shoot us an email.